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I realized a long time ago that I did not like to do the same thing over and over. Monotony and mediocrity make me crazy. My personality is impulsive, fun and positive so a serial entrepreneur seemed to fit me perfectly! I have pulled together the best of several products and services and now offer them along with some fun! If it's not fun and I'm not excited, I'm not doing it.

My passions are a balanced and healthy life, being beautiful inside and out and living a little adventure and fun.

I live in Sugar Land, Texas which is where Imperial Sugar company resides. I've lived in Texas all my life but I've traveled the world between eastern US, Canada and western Europe. I'm a sailor at heart and went to maritime college where I sailed on an oil tanker for a summer! 

After working in oil and gas for 10 years, I decided to not seek employment after being laid off twice in 5 months. I searched for ways to make money and support me and my 4 children. I tried blogging, setting up educational classes online and then offered digital marketing services to others. Online businesses are tough to get into and I drained my savings, 401K, and ultimately had to sell my home.

I learned the hard way and I would have to find alternative or additional ways to make money so I chose direct sales and meal prep. 

My meal prep journey took place in 2015 when I began body building. I required a specific portion of each macro nutrient and I was a busy work from home single mother of 4. I needed to prepare everything ahead of time so I wasn't shopping and cooking 24/7! 

I began posting some of my meals on social media and my friends were curious about what I was doing so I invited them over to learn from me. I called it "Meal Prep Parties"! It was very successful in teaching how to prep and they learned a lot, but most of them just didn't want to do it themselves still! They were asking if I could just prepare the meals for them. Well, I have a hard time saying no when someone needs me, so I began prepping their meals along with mine. 

Shortly after that, I had more and more inquires about certain types of meal plans and needs for families etc. I had already been very deep into learning about food so I expanded, became official, got the Kitchen Manager and Food Handlers certs and created Meal Prep to Door Step.

Since then, I've added heath and beauty direct sales businesses because multiple fun income streams is smart and it fills my need for different and exciting!

I met my husband a few years ago and we now have a blended family of 9!

I hope you'll join me and that we will learn from each other!


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My goal is your complete satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with anything at anytime, please contact me and I will remake, exchange your order for another item or refund your money completely.

Meal Prep to Door Step is owned and operating by Gerri Milligan under DBA Milligan Enterprise. Sugar Land, TX 77498.

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